The aspiration to achieve digital transformation drives the need for smarter and simpler data connectivity. Finding ways to easily access data in today’s vastly fragmented landscape has become a top priority for almost every company in every industry, including those with significant enterprise application portfolios.

Check out this exclusive white paper in which Veteran Analyst, Mike Ferguson shares why a new approach to data connectivity is needed to overcome the enormity of the data management challenge, a side effect of most digital transformation journeys.

Key topics:

  • Five key components driving data and digital transformation complexity;
  • Innovations in digital front-office operations and the implications on data;
  • Managing different analytical workloads
  • Fundamental questions to answer to simplify data connectivity.

What’s your strategy for simplifying access to multiple data sources for seamless, real-time insights to business users?  Read our latest Q&A with Mike Ferguson for more insights.

VIDEO: Watch this special episode of The Briefing Room, where Mike Ferguson joined us to share his perspective on the requisites for success in the Information Economy.