Jenna Wortham wrote an interesting article that Apple's AppStore is changing the game with mobile software.  One interesting quote from her article is "Thanks in large part to the iPhone, introduced in 2007, and the App Store, which opened its doors last year, smartphones have become the Swiss Army knives of the digital age."  I always felt smartphones would be a game changer.  I had an original Palm Treo and stuck with the Treo series because I found the device very usable with the keyboard and touch screen.  I switched from a Treo to the Nokia Communicator because the Treo 680 had very bad battery life.  The Nokia Communicator was an exceptional device using the Symbian operating system.  Last week I got an iPhone and so far my favourite app is Skype.  I can call anywhere in the world for pennies.  I call a lot of people around the world and have found that Skype is very effective.  Being able to run it so easily on my iPhone is great.  You can read Jenna's article in the New York Times at: