One of the challenges in a world of large enterprises, especially those composed of acquisitions, is getting access to data in disparate data warehouses.   And doing business intelligence against them all.  One example is a large Oracle main office, and an acquisition that uses another brand of BI reporting or ad hoc query tool.  Or visa versa.

On solution is BI front end applications that use industry standard interfaces like Multi-Dimensional eXpression (MDX) query language, OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) interface on Windows, and XML for Analysis (XMLA) on non-Windows or web services platform.

Simba currently has Business Objects Voyager running directly against Oracle OLAP database cubes.   And we are testing other combinations of BI clients and data warehouse sources that can connect via the above standard interfaces.   When buying various brands of BI software, be sure to ask about the above connectivity standards.   As mentioned in earlier postings in this blog, you never know whether you might acquire or be acquired.