Some of you may know I’ve been working on a few ideas in the last while. Of late, I’ve been talking to some of you and attending conferences/webinars. I’m in New York for O’Reilly’s Strata this week. Apart from a couple of misdirections, the day has turned out rather well. Day 1 was the so-called Jumpstart day before the Summit and Conference. By that, the organizer meant for day 1 to provide a preamble to the topic at hand: Big Data. I had rather low expectations for day 1 mainly because I couldn’t see how much any one speaker could fit into 35 minutes. After all, we managed to fit 14 sessions, two coffee breaks and one lunch into one nine hour day.

But, like a good hors d’oeurve, the day has whetted my appetize for what’s to come in the remainder of the week. The wide ranging topics spanned people (e.g., recruiting data scientist and Google’s Project Oxygen), methodology (Simon Wardley’s “disturbance in the flow”, Jennifer Zeszut’s agile marketing), process (Michael Hugos on Starbucks’ supply chain) and policy (Michael Nelson on organizational transparency). What stood out was that nearly all speakers were presenting their hypothesis with sound data and/or analysis. (This really shouldn’t surprise since the conference is about using and working with data.)

It should be a good week.