It’s been a month since Strata 2012 and I’ve finally dug myself out of my backlog. If you aren’t aware, we at Simba have been working with MapR among others on an ODBC driver. I’m quite excited about our ODBC driver (in contrast to the HiveODBC project) because our driver is extremely compatible right out of the box. And we’re adding ANSI SQL capabilities to our driver to enable a first class experience to Hadoop/Hive with more apps. But I digress…

As with the previous Strata, Oreilly was out in full force recording and interviewing everyone and everything. But it seems that Oreilly has put most of the technical sessions behind their paywall.

But nonetheless, there are worthwhile sessions that are available from their YouTube channel. For your viewing pleasure, this is my playlist of the highlights from Strata 2012:

Strata 2012 playlist

(If you missed the previous Strata, I also have playlists for that in my other post.)