AI, Cloud integrations and how Tableau is making its software easier to use: This is the stuff most news and conversations were about at the 2019 Tableau Conference. Among those with whom we spoke directly (many via conversations that had nothing to do with hoping to sell them something), helping internal or external customers make better use of data was the hottest topic.

The rest of the Simba on-the-ground team and I had lots of interesting discussions centered on solving Tableau’s data connectivity gaps and the importance of data connectors to streamline information access to simplify BI and reporting.

Here are three takeaways from our peer discussions at the Conference:

  • Business and technical users alike are familiar with the idea of connecting to data sources, and there’s an acknowledgement that while Tableau provides some relevant data connectors, there are still some gaps. This complicates things for users, who may end up relying on manual processes or open source connectors that don’t have enterprise level support.
  • Data scrubbing and transformation remain significant challenges for many. The quality of data is a stumbling block when working with single data sources and when combining multiple sources.
  • The transition to cloud is accelerating. Many companies are moving data to a cloud store with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob as the most popular choices. The move to the cloud is often bumpy and many users are facing challenges getting their data set up.

It’s clear that specialized data connectivity experts are needed to address the growing data access needs of Tableau users. Simba is a trusted Tableau partner and we’re the standard for big data connectivity. We’re constantly innovating to develop more drivers to support the Tableau community. Our standards-based connectivity solutions enable Tableau users to quickly scale and accelerate adoption of their applications with a broad suite of data sources.

To learn more, visit our Tableau resource page: how to easily connect data to Tableau.