At this year’s Informatica World, our Simba team had engaging discussions with Informatica customers and partners on the imperatives of data connectivity with the explosion of big data sources.

My topmost observation: Among enterprise peers at this year’s show, NoSQL was a hot topic. NoSQL is gaining momentum with popular databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra and Couchbase. These are also some of our most popular Simba drivers.

The appeal of NoSQL databases is driven by enterprises that want the ability to store and query unstructured data using a dynamic schema, and to take advantage of database technologies designed for the Cloud and Big Data. NoSQL solutions are generally open source, provide linear scalability across commodity hardware, and ensure high availability through distribution and replication.

However, there are challenges that businesses face around fully integrating NoSQL into their data systems. Aside from needing the right tools and solutions, often times enterprises lack the domain expertise and support resources.

Three fundamental challenges to overcome to get the most out of data in NoSQL systems:

Getting access to data where you need it

Your company has a good reason to use NoSQL, it probably stems from the flexibility and scalability these solutions offer.  Whether you’re using NoSQL for a mobile application, storing data from IOT devices or something else, this data is valuable to your company. You’ll need to access this data in tools like Tableau or Power BI for reporting and analysis. However, connectivity options to NoSQL sources can be limited.  Do you resort to stale CSV extracts or spending scarce resources developing connectors. This will turn into a maintenance nightmare as data grows and APIs change.

Solution: Buying pre-existing, standards-based data connectors from Simba offers the best-case scenario: an easy path to broad connectivity that eliminates the burden of in-house maintenance.

The complexity of managing the proliferation of data sources

The proliferation of big data sources, SaaS, social media and other places enterprises store data makes real-time data access a challenge. And organizations expend tremendous resources to keep data access solutions up to date and appropriately distributed across the entire organization.

Solution: Magnitude Gateway (also from the Simba connectivity team) creates an intelligent and unified bridge to today’s critical business apps and data sources. It dramatically simplifies the setup, management and maintenance of data connectivity solutions. For business users, that means making real-time data access a reality without having to rely on IT.

Keeping your data secure

With the increasing frequency and severity of data breaches, security is of top concern when it comes to big data and especially when enterprises opt to run NoSQL deployments in the cloud. Ensuring that enterprise technology has been third-party tested against the strictest security requirements is now table stakes.

Solution: Simba custom connectivity solutions are built from the ground up with security in mind. Simba’s connectors integrate directly with the data source security infrastructure including rock-solid encryption and robust authentication support. No duplication of security layers is required, providing the best user experience while maintaining the highest level of security.

Does your enterprise have a strategy to simplify access to the growing array of big data sources for seamless, real-time insights? To learn more, let’s have a conversation.