A recent report from TDWI talks about the staying power of the SQL query language. “According to Philip Russom, research director for data management with TDWI, most organizations are actually increasing their use of SQL in spite of increased adoption of NoSQL databases such as Mongo, Cassandra, and Couchbase.” “[A]lmost all tools for analytics, reporting, data integration, and data modeling support or generate SQL code that can be co-opted for analytics.” This is exactly what Simba is seeing as we work with leading Big Data companies like DataStax, HortonWorks, and MapR. Users can gain plenty of advantages using databases such as Cassandra and Hadoop but they want to continue to use their existing BI, reporting, and analytic tools. Therefore, having ODBC/SQL interfaces to products like Cassandra, Hadoop, and MongoDB makes sense.  In fact, Simba has seen a major uptick in our OEM business of licensing SQL, ODBC, and JDBC technology to Big Data companies who want to provide their own “standard SQL” interfaces to their great new Big Data engine.  You can read the complete article here: SQL’s Staying Power