I was reading a very good overview of Teradata written by Mark Smith entitled “Teradata Takes Bigger Approach to Big Data“.  This is a good overview of what Teradata is doing in the data warehouse and analytics space.  Mark does a good job reporting and this is worth reading.

One very salient point that Mark makes is that Ventana’s research finds “three-quarters of organizations want analytics to access data from all sources and not just one specific to big data“.  This is a critical point to note.  The world of data is getting more and more heterogeneous.  Where Teradata once pushed getting all your data into the EDW, they are now strong proponents of the UDA – Unified Data Architecture.  As the world of data becomes heterogeneous, Teradata UDA and QueryGrid is a solid solution to be able to pull data from disparate sources and get a common view of your data.

This week, I am at the Alteryx Inspire conference and want to also point out how the Alteryx product is very effective in accessing, integrating, and analyzing data from disparate sources.  The picture below was from a presentation by Poornima Farrar showing all the data sources that Alteryx can connect to. As you can see, Alteryx can connect to Big Data sources like Cassandra, Hive, HBase, and Impala as well as traditional data sources like HP Vertica, Microsoft SQL Server, and Teradata.

Teradata and Alteryx partner very well together and if you are in a heterogeneous environment, these two products are definitely worth looking at.