I am at the Teradata Partners conference this week in San Diego and they are demoing the Teradata Business Intelligence Optimizer (TBIO) on the show floor.  As I previously wrote (https://www.simba.com/blog/tbio-rolap-on-teradata-smarter-faster-easier/), TBIO has 3 components:

1. Teradata Schema Workbench

2. Teradata Aggregate Designer

3. Teradata OLAP Connector

Matt Zenus, a Product Manager at Teradata, will present tomorrow (October 28) on “The ROLAP Easy Button” at 11:30 Pacific.  Matt will show the Teradata OLAP Connector “which allows seamless connectivity from OLAP/MDX clients directly to Teradata in a pure relational online analytical processing (ROLAP) environment”.  If you are at the conference, this session is a must attend as it shows one of the new in-database analytics solutions from Teradata.

With TBIO, you basically remove the need for a mid-tier OLAP server against Teradata.  Rather, all of the OLAP analytics are done within the Teradata database and so you get the scale and performance of Teradata for ROLAP.  What is even better about this solution is that it uses the industry standard MDX query language to access the ROLAP cubes so all packaged BI apps like Microsoft Excel work seamlessly.