Matt Zenus and Carlos Bouloy presented on the Teradata Business Intelligence Optimizer (TBIO) last week at the Teradata Partners conference in San Diego.  TBIO allows you to build ROLAP cubes on your Teradata database and query these from Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables using the MDX query language.  TBIO also allows you to define AJIs so that the performance of your MDX queries is extremely fast.  If you were unable to attend but would like a copy of the slides, please email me.  On the last slide, Matt and Carlos had a number of links which are worth following if you are interested in using OLAP on your Teradata database:


“Teradata Aggregate Designer Optimizes Performance of Analytic Applications for Smarter Business Decisions” –Press Release


“An Automated Approach” –Teradata Magazine




“Teradata Aggregate Designer”–White Paper




“The ROLAP Easy Button –An Introduction to the Teradata Aggregate Designer” –Developer Exchange Article




Teradata OLAP Connector”–Data Sheet



“OLAP and TBIO”–YouTube Video