Wow.  HP acquires Vertica and less than 3 weeks later, Teradata buys Aster Data!  2011 is shaping up to be even more interesting in the field of big data and analytical database management systems (ADBMS).  Aster Data has a bunch of very smart people and a lot of interesting technology.  You can read more at Teradata’s website:

In Gartner’s latest magic quadrant for data warehouse database management systems, Teradata is in the leaders quadrant and Aster Data is in the visionaries quadrant.  The coming together of these two companies should be a 1+1=3 kind of equation.  Gartner was concerned that “Aster Data remains a candidate for acquisition by a vendor wanting to develop, adopt and implement Aster Data’s architecture within its own DBMS infrastructure” and sure enough, Teradata has now acquired Aster Data.  It will be interesting to see if Teradata integrates Aster’s technology into the Teradata enterprise data warehouse or keeps it as a separate product.

Unlike Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft, Teradata does not have a BI stack but is rather best of breed in enterprise data warehousing.  Since being spun out of NCR a few years ago, Teradata has remained independent and has continued to grow stronger even during the recent recession.  With the recent acquisitions of Kickfire, Aprimo and Aster Data, Teradata has shown it is prepared to acquire as well as build internally.  Wonder what Teradata will look at next?