At the Teradata Partners conference last month, Teradata was showing off their family of data warehouse appliances.  They have some very powerful solutions.  The package starts with a software only edition that scales up to 6 TB with pricing starting at $40K.  The appliances were positioned as follows:

Data Mart Appliance 551 – data marts or application development environment – up to 6 TB – starting at $67K / TB.

Extreme Data Appliance 1550 - analytics on extreme data volumes from new data types - up to 50 PB – starting at $16.5K / TB.

Data Warehouse Appliance 2550 - entry level data warehouse or departmental data marts - up to 140 TB – starting at $99K / TB.

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 5550 - enterprise scale for both strategic and operational intelligence EDW/ADW - up to 10 PB - starting at $200K / TB.

The above information comes from the presentation by Mike Koehler – Teradata's CEO.