Teradata has been innovating a lot and in Teradata 14, they will add Teradata Columnar.  Teradata Columnar is not an add-on but rather something that is built right into the database.  Therefore, users will get a choice of how to use Teradata – row or column.  Stephen Swoyer at TDWI writes more about Teradata Columnar and Teradata 14 in the TDWI newsletter this week.  He quotes Chris Twogood at Teradata saying “What is really differentiated about what we’re doing is we’re embedding it inside the Teradata database … we’re not just delivering an analytic environment that is specific for analytics that are wide tables. … It basically becomes a feature of the Teradata database, so users can determine [if] it’s a column or if it’s [a] standard [row] that they want.  What we did is [we took] our row partition and turned it on its side and [made it] a vertical partition. So [Teradata Columnar] is a natural extension of capabilities that we already had.”