We had a great party for the Teradata OLAP Connector at the Teradata Partners Conference in Washington, DC last Tuesday.  We had over 100 people attend to discuss how they are doing OLAP/in-database analytics with Teradata.  Thank you to arcplan for donating the iPad and Samsung tablets as well as Tableau for donating the iPhone 5 that were given away as prizes at the event.  We even had a friend of mine from Oracle gathering competitive intelligence on the product.  Teradata OLAP Connector allows Teradata to have a competitive offering to the OLAP Option which is part of the Oracle Database.

The Teradata OLAP Connector was initially launched about 2 years ago to allow direct access from Excel Pivot Tables to your Teradata database.  Last year, Nationwide Insurance spoke at the Teradata conference about how they eliminated an Oracle Essbase server by moving to Teradata OLAP Connector.  This year, Sam Tawfiq presented us with the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to using Excel with Teradata”.  The Teradata OLAP Connector is fully supported by arcplan as well as Tableau.  I am also told that SAP Business Objects BI Suite 4 supports the Teradata OLAP Connector.

The Teradata OLAP Connector allows you to do OLAP style in-database analytics right on your Teradata system without having to bring in a mid-tier solution like Oracle Essbase or Microsoft Analysis Services.  All your data stays in Teradata and so you fully leverage the power of Teradata for security, scalability, and performance. Since you don’t move or copy any data, it is easy to configure and there is no latency between when the data changes in your underlying database and when it is reflected in your cube.

The Teradata OLAP Connector supports all the latest capabilities of the MDX query language so pretty much any MDX-compliant BI tool will work with it.  Teradata has a lot of good information on the product and some worthwhile links are:

1. Teradata OLAP Connector Brochure

2. Teradata OLAP Connector User Guide

3. Teradata OLAP Connector Webinar