A little over a week ago, I wrote about how Teradata is now supporting direct connectivity from Excel Pivot Tables via the MDX Query Language.  The Teradata product is called Teradata OLAP Connector.  Here is a link to Teradata's brochure for the Teradata OLAP Connector: http://www.teradata.com/t/brochures/Teradata-OLAP-Connector-eb6212/?type=BR.  Teradata is touting the following as advantages to this product:

– real-time data

– reduced IT workload

– continued security

– workload management

– consistent results

– competitive advantage

The reality is that in the past, Teradata has not really supported OLAP.  You needed to have a mid-tier server that sat between the Teradata database and your BI application.  Now, you just build your cubes within Teradata and so there is no mid-tier and no data movement.  Your BI application gets direct access to the power of your Teradata implementation.  Of course, at this time, Teradata OLAP Connector is only supporting Excel Pivot Tables.  However, since this is an MDX query language solution, well, you do the math…