I am at the Teradata Partners user conference this week and one of the highlights is Teradata Presto.  Presto is an open source SQL Engine that comes from Facebook.  Teradata has partnered with Facebook to provide development as well as enterprise class support for Presto.  Presto is interesting in that it comes from Facebook which definitely does computing at massive scale.  What many people don’t realize is that Hive and Cassandra also originated at Facebook.  Facebook has been a leader in the SQL on Hadoop as well as NoSQL spaces because they need good software that handles massive volumes of data and that scales.  Teradata also has a lot of strength in the world of SQL and scale.  Teradata’s database is known worldwide for its ability to scale as well as being the backbone for enterprise analytics in many companies like Walmart.  What is interesting is to see how Teradata and Facebook are now partnering.  While Facebook has done great engineering to build a solid base in Presto, the addition of Teradata engineers as well as enterprise know-how makes Presto a real contender.  Presto is already being used by companies like Airbnb, DropBox, Groupon, and Netflix.

With Teradata’s backing, I see Presto gaining real traction in the enterprise.  Most enterprises like open source but don’t want to have an entire team to support the core product – rather they would like a trusted software company like Teradata to handle all of this for them.  Now that is possible with Presto.  Teradata knows what is needed for enterprises to be successful and is working hard to bring this know-how to Presto.  One of the first things Teradata is doing is bringing standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces to Teradata Presto.  ODBC and JDBC are critical in they are the standard interfaces by which enterprise applications like Tableau, QlikView, MicroStrategy, Lumira, and Spotfire connect to databases.

This week at the Teradata Partners user conference, Justin Borgman from Teradata and Kyle Porter from Simba have a session entitled “Open Source and the Enterprise”.  The will talk more about Teradata’s enterprise support for Presto and will demonstrate how Tableau connects to Teradata Presto using ODBC.  Also, on the exhibit floor, Teradata will show you more about Presto and QlikView will show you how their product uses the ODBC driver to connect to Presto.

Updated May 2015: You can get the PrestoDB ODBC & JDBC driver from this website.