Simba does a lot of work with Teradata, having recently partnered with Teradata on the Teradata Business Intelligence Optimizer where we helped Teradata bring a ROLAP/MDX Query Labguage solution to market:  This was a very exciting project because building an MDX provider for Teradata was quite different than building one for SAP BW or Oracle OLAP.  In the Teradata case, there was no existing cube infrastructure to build upon so we had to do a lot of work building infrastructure.  So, this time, we not only had to build the capability of the MDX provider to talk SQL to the database, we also had to build the infrastructure to define a cube based on relational tables in the database.

I was reading a blog post by Curt Monash entitled "Teradata's Future Product Strategy":  In his blog, Curt comments on conversations he had with Scott Gnau and Carson Schmidt from Teradata.  Curt talks about Teradata's partnering strategy to bring new products to market; the work that Teradata and Simba did on the Teradata Business Intelligence Optimizer is another example of this.  We have built an innovative solution that advances on products both Teradata and Simba previously had.