I was talking to a customer recently and they were telling me they have a very high performance database that scales very well, but they have poor reporting.  They were complaining that they spent so much time on building such a great database product and all their customers see is that they cannot get the reports they need.  So what to do?

The answer is simple, build a custom ODBC driver for the database.  The database product already supports SQL so all they need is ODBC.  The customer complained that they didn't have anyone in the company who understands ODBC.  Again, the answer is simple.  I asked one of our engineers to work with the customer and they literally had Crystal Reports talking to their database using the custom ODBC driver in about a week.  The customer was amazed.  They went to one of their users and gave them a demo of the proof of concept ODBC driver.  The user loved it.  Our customer was ecstatic because they now had access to all ODBC compliant applications to show off their database.  Win-win-win.