Simba is in the business of helping companies quickly and easily build ODBC drivers for pretty much any data source – Big Data, Cloud, ISAM, XML, flat file, CSV, object oriented, etc.  We just released SimbaEngine 9 which is the latest version of our SDK that allows you to quickly build an ODBC, JDBC, or ADO.NET driver for your data store.  Simba has been in the ODBC business for 20 years – since we co-developed the ODBC standard with Microsoft.  SimbaEngine 9 builds upon our unique Collaborative Query Execution (CQE) which allows you to build SQL capabilities on any type of data source – NoSQL, pseudo-SQL, Cloud, XML, etc.  CQE is something we are very proud of.  It allows you to split the SQL query execution between our SQL Engine and your data source.  So, for example, if your data source can do indexing but cannot do joins, no problem.  CQE allows our SQL Engine to pass the indexing to your data source while we perform the joins.  This is powerful because it leverages your “secret sauce”.  Your data source can excel at what it does well and SimbaEngine SDK can cover off the parts of SQL that your data source does not do.

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