Simba has been working with SAP for some time on HANA.  We have helped SAP build MDX query language capabilities in HANA similar to what we have helped SAP with on BW for over a decade.  As such, many people ask me what is the future of BW and BWA now that HANA is a shipping product.  The answer is simple: SAP BW is here to stay.  Instead of implementing BW on Oracle or IBM, you can implement BW on HANA with HANA service pack 3.  If you continue to want to use Oracle or IBM for your SAP BW, BWA will continue as your performance improvement option.  If you implement BW on HANA, you don’t need BWA because HANA is based on the same performance boosting engine that BWA is based on.  Dan Kearnan from SAP explains very well the scenario of running BW on HANA.