I was reading the article entitled "Visualize This: A Fresh Perspective on Business Intelligence Systems" by Angela Shen-Hsieh http://www.dmreview.com/specialreports/2008_88/10001663-1.html.  Angela comments "I like to refer to this visual approach as “the last 18 inches” – that is, the distance between the computer screen and the human brain. Focusing on this last and most vital link of the data chain is essential to getting value out of the massive investments in IT infrastructure that companies have made. After all, if we can’t get information to our brains in a meaningful way, then we’re just drowning in numbers."  This is indeed a very important piece of the BI puzzle – how to get information from data.  The data warehouse appliance has done a good job of scaling and allowing us to process more and more data.  The big question is how to understand and comprehend all this data?