I came across an interesting blog by Dejan Sarka, where he talks about the MDX Language. Dejan’s theme is that the “MDX Language is Underestimated” and that “it is time for advanced BI implementers to learn MDX.” I agree with Dejan in that there is a lot of potential for people to write their own MDX queries directly against products like Microsoft Analysis Services, or SAP NetWeaver BI (SAP BW). I especially think that there is an opportunity for SAP customers to do more with BW. SAP seems to be making it easier to do this, and it has been investing heavily in its MDX capabilities within BW. SAP’s SDN www.sdn.sap.com is a good source of information and a place to ask for assistance. Also, George Spofford’s book “MDX Solutions” MDX Solutions is probably the best source of MDX information out there today.