I was reading Steve Ballmer's latest email entitled "The New Efficiency" (http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/execmail/2009/09-29NewEfficiency.mspx) in which he basically says the new normal in business is that "people borrow less, save more, and spend with much greater caution."  This is a simple yet powerful premise to do more with less.  At Simba, we have always tried to help our customers do more with less.  Simba started out helping ISVs deliver custom ODBC and JDBC drivers to their customers to increase value.  With our ODBC and JDBC SDKs, our ISV customers were able to quickly and efficiently build open standards based data connectivity for their databases which then gave their customers tremendous advantage in they could now use a wide variety of applications with these databases.  Then, Simba broadened what we did by also adding an OLAP SDK that supports ODBO and XMLA.  Today, Simba is going a step further.  We are now adding value directly for enterprise customers.  Our new MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP lets any user of Oracle OLAP connect to their data directly from Microsoft Excel.  The user gets to leverage all the power of Excel and Oracle OLAP without having to either use an Excel spreadsheet add-in which requires learning new software or a separate mid-tier server which can be quite expensive and take time to install and configure.