Simba’s fiscal year end is July 31.  Last week, we had a meeting of our Advisory Board where we were reviewing our success over the last year and our plans for the upcoming fiscal year.  Bill Baker came up with a very good line: “Data, data everywhere, but nary a drop to…   analyze!”  The premise is that “Top business leaders crave meaningful data.”  It is not that people are drowning in data, but rather that people are not able to get at the data they need to do their jobs well.  The most successful companies in the world pull together data from both inside and outside their organizations to enable them to execute better and faster than their competitors.

At Simba, we empower data providers to allow any analytics tool to access their data. Therefore, our customers like Teradata Aster and Rainstor can have any tool like Tableau or Business Objects connect to their data.

Simba also enables analytics tools to access and analyze any data from any data provider. Therefore, we enable products like Tableau and Crystal Reports to connect to data sources like Cassandra, Hadoop, and salesforce.

Getting access to the world’s data is a competitive advantage for corporations today. Open standards based data access technology like ODBC and JDBC is a key differentiator.  I was reading an article by Todd Nash at Information Management entitled “Breaking the Barrier of Big Data Analytics in BI” and Todd totally re-inforces our thinking at Simba when he writes “For years business users have been saying, “The things I could do if I got my hands on all of that data!” But throughout this period, too many technological and financial barriers stood in the way of big data’s potential. From acquiring too much data to store and process to the fact that the data was inherently unstructured, the algorithmic gymnastics required to integrate it were extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive. With all of the recent advances in technology, businesses can now remove these constraints and take advantage of big data in a new way.”  Yes Todd, businesses can totally remove these constraints with something as simple as an ODBC or JDBC driver.