free lunch

Did You Say Free Lunch?

It’s 10PM on a Sunday night and I haven’t packed my lunch yet for tomorrow. I’m not worried though. I could go out and eat. There are plenty of lunch options nearby.

Or, better yet, I could partake in the FREE lunch offered by Simba. Every Monday and Wednesday, Simba brings lunch in for us hungry folk. Typing on this keyboard really works up an appetite. Just because we’re a software company doesn’t mean we have to eat pizza day in and day out. Craving a burger? No problem, we’ve had those – from Fatburger! Sushi? That too. Healthy wraps? Yep. Chinese food? Mexican? Indian? Mediterranean? We’ve tried it all. Of course, we also have the requisite pizza occasionally as well. With the mind-boggling assortment of food offered each week, I never worry about what I’m going to eat anymore. My Sunday and Tuesday nights are now free!

Do you want free lunch too? We’re hiring!