Doug Henschen at Information Week has posted his list of the top 12 players in Big Data Analytics:

1. EMC GreenPlum

2. Hadoop and MapReduce

3. HP Vertica

4. IBM Netezza

5. Infobright

6. Kognitio

7. Microsoft

8. Oracle

9. ParAccel

10. Sybase

11. Teradata and Aster Data

12. 1010data

This is an interesting list in what it includes and what is missing.  I am curious that although Sybase IQ is on the list, there is no mention of SAP HANA.  Since HANA seems to be THE thing at SAP, you would figure there should be mention of it.  SAP HANA is very interesting because you see the potential to combine your transactional and your analytical database into one.

Also of interest is the fact that Doug mentions OLAP for both Kognitio and Teradata.  Both of these companies have in-database OLAP engine that allows you to build cubes on the fly and do the analytics in the database.  Traditional OLAP where you pull the data out into a separate MOLAP engine like Essbase or Analysis Services seems to be going away because why build a cube on a mid-tier server when your “Big Data” database can do all the cubing virtually and let you do analysis on all your data faster than you can extract the data into the mid-tier cube?

The list includes Hadoop and MapReduce but does not mention companies like HortonWorks.  Last week was interesting when Microsoft announced a partnership with HortonWorks for Hadoop.  It was interesting to see the CEO of HortonWorks on stage at a Microsoft SQL Server conference.  This is a partnership to watch.

You can read Doug’s full article here: Big Data Analytics Goes Big Time