I was reading an interesting piece from George Mathew at Alteryx entitled “5 Macro Trends Shaping Next-generation BI and Analytics“.  The 5 points George makes are:

#1: Radically Different Data

#2: Delivering analytics in the cloud

#3: Increasing demand for location intelligence

#4: The rise of the social enterprise

#5: Mobility becomes essential

All very good points.  One major thing to add is that to deliver on this next generation of BI and Analytics, you need the ability to access and analyze this data.  ODBC is a technology that Simba co-developed with Microsoft 20 years ago and lately with Big Data, there seems to be a resurgence of ODBC as this seems to be the standard gateway to any data.  It just makes sense to bridge Big Data, Cloud Data, Desktop Data, Server Data, Enterprise Data, and quite frankly any data using a standard that is truly ubiquitous – ODBC.