Vectorsoft has been a long-time Simba customer. They have an interesting product called CONZEPT 16 – an integrated database development environment and system. They have just released a new version (5.6) of their ODBC driver based on the SimbaEngine SDK 8 for CONZEPT 16. Not only are they getting the immediate benefits of the support for ODBC 3.52, Unicode and 64-bit,  but they are also taking advantage of improved performance and the advanced performance features in the new generation of SimbaEngine. After implementing pass-down of filters and joins, they were excited to share a blog with us (, note in German). According to Robert’s testing, the new driver has vastly outperformed the old driver which is based on SimbaEngine SDK 7. The performance boost is especially dramatic (orders of magnitude) for queries with filters on non-indexed columns and with joins. This totally makes sense since operations (or functions) are “shipped” closer to the data store rather than the data. The operations are not limited to the above mentioned, they can also be aggregations, “select from” queries and etc. What’s powerful about this feature is it allows the driver specific glue code (DSII) to dynamically select operations to pass down and automatically leave the rest to the SimbaEngine – a truly collaboratively approach to SQL processing.