Wow!  Larry Bettino writes that we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day in his article “Transforming Big Data Challenges Into Opportunities“.  That is amazing.  How to we get access to this data and how do we analyze it to get meaningful information?  At Simba, we have been working on ODBC for 20 years.  ODBC is open database connectivity.  We are working to extend this open access to a lot of big data type sources of data.  We have recently built on ODBC driver to allow access to Hadoop/Hive.  We have also partnered with Teradata Aster and RainStor to bring ODBC to their Big Data engines.  We are now looking at other data sources like:

1. Google BigQuery

2. MongoDB

3. Cassandra

4. Couchbase

I am curious if any of the readers of my blog have any suggestions as to which of these we should work on next or if there are other big data sources you feel would gain benefit from standards based ODBC access?