As timely data access becomes more critical across workloads, so too do the connectors between applications and data sources increase in importance. As such, companies must recognize that these connections between applications and data sources are vital to addressing business priorities.

However, establishing and maintaining connectivity to a growing plethora of data sources that are themselves evolving has become a mounting challenge in the data center as every organization has its set of specific needs.

Our Simba Technologies team responds to this reality by tailoring customer engagements (our customers call them partnerships) to individual needs, providing whatever it takes to achieve established goals – from basic drivers and support to full integration with companies’ development lifecycles.

In our latest white paper, we offer insights on Simba’s three key pillars representing our individualized approach to customer engagements.

Key topics:

  • Guided Evaluation – streamlining the assessment of data connectors
  • Collaborative Development – taking the challenge out of unique connectors
  • Integration Services – verifying and optimizing connectivity

Having the right level of guidance, collaboration and integration will improve your data access and connectivity management capabilities. Download our white paper to learn more.