The financial services sector is one of the industries that’s most reliant on data. Thus, efficient data management and analytics is no longer a leg up, but table stakes for financial services firms.

Regulatory frameworks like Dodd Frank, the US Patriot Act and US GAAP now demand more complex analytics for reporting. In fact, the cost of not extracting the most holistic narrative possible from data could mean non-compliance! As such, financial services firms need connected data to ensure compliance and facilitate proper governance.

At the same time, a new competitive imperative has been created by FinTech companies that have integrated data insights into their infrastructure. To keep pace with these disruptive players, incumbent financial service providers must have access to integrated data.

In our latest white paper, we address why financial services businesses need the ability to access and analyze their data quickly and efficiently to drive growth and optimize operational efficiency. Furthermore, the sensitivity of information and regulatory complexities only amplifies this need for a connectivity solution.

Key topics:

  • How to achieve connected data that facilitates easy access;
  • Why a more hands-off, streamlined and integrated approach to managing critical data access and connectivity is needed;
  • Improving data access to build agile and secure business models;
  • Unified application data access and how it’s transforming the promise of financial services applications.

As the power of data to transform a business through analytical insights grows, financial services firms must improve access—where connected data is the baseline for this access. Download our white paper for more insights.