Speed to market is today’s winning business currency and enterprises have to act swiftly to compete, launch new products and react to market events. However, most enterprises have numerous applications and data sources, which makes real-time data access for timely, actionable decision-making a challenge at best.

Here’s what I’ve seen across many businesses that – while typical – points to the need for more flexible access to data:

  • Individual and departmental users need easy access to a limited set of data sources through a small number of applications;
  • Enterprise users need access to IT provisioned data sources across one or more enterprise applications;
  • Analytic applications need normalized access to a variety of data for better decision making.

IT organizations are gatekeepers for data access

In most organizations, IT is the gatekeeper – often the bottleneck – for access to data. Depended on to provide the technical capability and expertise needed to access data from numerous applications, they bear the burden of connectivity deployment and configuration.

Ultimately, the organization expects IT to find ways to resolve data silos. Tremendous resources are required to extend and keep a data access environment up to date and appropriately distributed across the entire organization.

I encourage you to take a moment to evaluate your own organization’s need for a better, more flexible route to data access by asking yourself the following:

  • Do decision makers in your frontline teams have access to the data they need to provide visibility to what’s going on in operations?
  • How much time do your knowledge workers spend moving from system to system to get to the data they need?
  • Does your department/organization have trouble getting to a “single version of the truth”, especially across multiple enterprise applications?
  • Does your department/organization have inconsistent data access coverage within BI/analytical applications in use?
  • Do you have difficulty supporting self-service access to complex data sources?

But reducing the dependency on IT is not that simple

For enterprises to be able to act quickly on business and market dynamics, simplified, real-time access to data and reporting is critical. And that cannot come with increased dependency – and burden – on IT.

What it MUST come with is the ability to:

  • Quickly provision users with access to the data they need;
  • Provide a business view of data irrespective of the analytic tool utilized;
  • Ensure internal and external data security policy compliance; and
  • Minimize the cost of maintaining up-to-date connectivity to your mission-critical applications and workflows.

What if you could enable immediate value from your data access while dramatically decreasing the time and resources it takes to configure and support access to that data? Could your business teams to deliver insights to decision makers faster? Could you get products to market faster and cement competitive advantage?

Stay tuned! In the coming weeks, we’ll unveil a disruptive approach that puts immediate data access from many data sources at the fingertips of the business user.

To learn more, watch the video below.