An all-star guest line-up of McKnight Consulting Group’s William McKnight, Skillsoft’s Mike Hendrickson, Google Cloud’s Sudhir Hasbe and our own Craig Chaplin joined DM Radio and host, Eric Kavanagh for this latest podcast on the fundamentals of a sound data strategy.

Recent events have shed light on the importance of a having a robust data strategy for managing information assets and aligning it with the business to deal with disruptions.

Data no longer lives in the organization only; it also lives in the cloud with SAAS applications. And there are many data sources and types, such as Graph and Time Series databases to consider. All this valuable data is needed for decision making, which has elevated data access as a frontline business priority.

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Key takeaways:

“With the hybrid cloud being a front and center strategy for many, the ability to interoperate across ERP and cloud data sources requires a unified approach to accessing information across many different sources and applications,” said Craig Chaplin, Sr. Product Manager, Connectivity.

Mike Hendrickson asserted: “With AI, there’s a lot of artificial but to get to the intelligence, we need to have the right data strategy and platforms in place. Many businesses still have a way to go from becoming data-aware to becoming data-driven.”

According to Sudhir Hasbe, data sharing is becoming really important for real-time decisions, but it requires governance in making it accessible across the business. As such, it’s important to begin with a data strategy can be adapted. Don’t boil the ocean and focus on areas where you can drive business value.

William McKnight emphasized that data is a key asset for driving competitiveness: “With digital transformation, data maturity is key and organizations that are equipped to deal with deeper levels of granular data are best positioned to drive competitive advantage.”

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