Digital transformation initiatives are mandating that data management issues be addressed once and for all. Yet, few companies are truly treating data as a strategic asset.

Magnitude – and our Simba team – is seeing a rapid shift in awareness at the enterprise level from connectivity moving beyond just a tactical tool to becoming a business imperative. This growing recognition for connectivity is driven by the need for integrating data across the enterprise, which is now a requirement for businesses to execute successfully.

In this Q&A, our Tony Fisher offers his insights on how – and why – enterprise data connectivity has become a strategic imperative.

Key topics:

  • The macro trends driving how companies think about data
  • The state of the data connectivity market
  • The priority business areas for data connectivity
  • Where businesses are falling short in their ability to access and connect to data

Connectivity is an important decision for any company, and it should be considered with an eye toward simplification, value, and the bottom line. Download our Q&A with Tony Fisher for more insights.