Data practitioners recognize that metadata is the glue that holds information systems together.  But with the advent of big data, the volume, velocity, and variety of data hit new highs – and just about everything seemed to change.

But guess what: metadata matters just as much in this new world as it did in the old.

On this episode of DM Radio, our CTO, Darren Peirce, Attunity’s Dan Potter and Dremio’s Kelly Stirman joined Bloor Group host Eric Kavanagh to discuss best practices for leveraging the learnings of the past, for the systems of the future.

Key topics:

  • why metadata is the secret sauce that creates vastly differentiated value to customers, when compared to infrastructure only alternatives;
  • how metadata is the foundation that enable people and systems to turn raw data into actionable business insights;
  • the emergence of process related metadata and how this unlocks the next wave of automation

Metadata is the cornerstone of Magnitude’s solutions – from pre-packaged metadata objects to bridge between business consumable insights and the raw data to built-in intelligence.

Stay tuned for our upcoming DM Radio episodes!