Most companies continue to grapple with the pace of digital transformation. Strategic transformation, sometimes introducing whole new business models, is the ideal outcome, though this requires tremendous research, planning, orchestration, and process awareness, plus one mission-critical component: data!

Many business processes nominated for transformation these days require data from multiple sources, both on-premises and in the cloud. Whether you’re designing or deploying applications (or both!), this presents challenges to traditional development methodologies.

In this DM Radio Deep Dive, our own Tony Fisher and Craig Chaplin join DM Radio host, Eric Kavanagh to explain why data should drive the digital transformation process, from design through production, and related implications on the process of digital transformation.

Key topics:

  • How the information economy is reshaping business;
  • The rapidly changing data landscape – expanding requirements, lack of unified data access and high cost of data connectivity;
  • New solutions required to un-gate data and free up IT resources;
  • The imperatives for data connectivity to access diverse data sources to create powerful, highly focused business applications including BI, analytics, ETL and data preparation.

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