Managing risks is a high-stakes analytics business. The Magnitude Connectivity Solution (Simba) was a clear choice based on its proven track record and superior technology. We’ve incorporated SimbaEngine SDK technology to give our customers a greater selection of analytics and visualization tools for their reporting needs. By leveraging the capabilities of SimbaEngine X, our customers are assured industry-standard ODBC connectivity.


Build innovative, next-generation data access capabilities for risk and performance analytics while staying focused on core business.


Insights for ACL customers to help manage strategic risk and corporate performance in a fast-changing market.

The Problem

As one of the fastest growing companies in its space, ACL is at the forefront of change in governance, risk management and compliance (GRC). Since 2011, when CEO Laurie Schultz took the reins from founder Harald Will, ACL has been relentlessly focused on expanding beyond internal audit to transform the entire GRC profession. Serving more than 14,000 customer organizations across 150 countries, ACL’s core mission is to deliver a beautiful customer experience with cloud-based technology, targeted content and a fresh approach to managing strategic risks and corporate performance. The stakes are high, as ACL’s customers include 89 percent of the Fortune 500 and hundreds of gov- ernments and agencies around the world.

For over two decades, ACL has provided market-leading analytic solutions and powerful data access capabilities. However, the recent explosion of new data sources and types has created an escalating and ongoing challenge for ACL to keep pace with new innovations while having to stay focused on solving problems for its core GRC domain customers.

In late 2015, ACL embarked on an internal project, code named ‘Corleone’, which included a plan to ex- pand ACL’s data access offering to connect into big data storage systems, cloud big data and cloud appli- cations. ACL sought a technology partner that could provide the next-generation data access capabilities needed to support its requirements while staying focused on its core business.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation process, the Magnitude Connectivity Solution (Simba) was a clear choice for ACL based on its superior technological offering and the ease of doing business with an established and proven company.

ACL’s project teams integrated the data access capabilities of Magnitude’s suite of ODBC drivers and SimbaEngine SDK in a six-month period through a collaborative process with the Magnitude team. According to ACL, throughout the entire integration, the Magnitude team had ACL’s back and was focused on helping the company achieve its rapid delivery timeframe.


In September 2016, ACL unveiled its updated product at its annual customer conference, which included a powerful new SimbaEngine X custom driver that was built along with 16 new data access connectors to the most popular ERP, Cloud and database systems.

Expanding the data systems that customers can directly interact with using the ACL software platform opens up vast new possibilities in control evaluation, strategic risk management and corporate perfor- mance management. ACL generated reactions of pure delight from customers at its user conference, who were impressed to see so much advancement since its prior release.

ACL has further plans to invest and drive greater innovation into Magnitude’s SimbaEngine X and its connectivity drivers.

Download PDF: ACL Customer Success