Simba’s ODBC SDK provided all the components we needed to build our custom ODBC driver. Simba’s expertise and assistance was invaluable, helping us to deploy our driver in record time. Simba continues to support us with new features and functionality to ensure our data driver stays current with industry advancements.

Company Overview

Algorithmics is the world leader in enterprise risk solutions, dedicated to helping financial institutions understand and manage risk.

Simba Product / Solution

SimbaEngine ODBC SDK

Key Requirements

  • Custom ODBC Driver enabling connectivity to its proprietary Algo Financial Modeler results database
  • Unicode compliance
  • Support for ODBC 3.52 data standard
  • 64-bit compatibility for future developments

The Challenge

Algorithmics required a custom ODBC driver for its database to allow access to data directly from any ODBC client application. They needed a Unicode ODBC 3.52 driver to support the worldwide use and sale of its system, as well as 64-bit compatibility for future developments. They wanted a royalty-free licensing model for the ODBC and SQL Engine technology and flexibility for future data connectivity.

The Solution

The ODBC SDK made implementing a custom ODBC driver quick and easy. Simba assisted Algorithmics in implementing the code required to connect SimbaEngine ODBC SDK’s SQL Engine and standards-based ODBC data interface to the Algo Financial Modeler results API. The ODBC driver provided advanced support for functionality like joins, aggregations, sub queries, scalar queries and correlated sub queries. It includes all standards-based data interfaces, as well as a complete SQL Engine within the toolkit.

The Results

Algorithmics had a fully Unicodecompliant, ODBC 3.52 data driver and could then easily add additional data interfaces like JDBC, OLE DB or ADO.NET, if desired later, at no extra cost.  Global customers and consultants could now easily connect ODBC client applications for queries and analysis.