Simba Technologies was able to provide Alterian with an ODBC connectivity solution by customizing its SimbaEngine SDK to provide interoperability between Alterian CBAT engine and Partner applications, such as SPSS' advanced analytical technology. As a result, Alterian is able to offer a highly integrated business intelligence solution that meets the needs of our customers. Alterian is proud to consider Simba Technologies a strategic data connectivity partner.

Company Overview

Alterian is driving the transformation of marketing and communications, making it practical and cost-effective for companies to achieve multichannel engagement with the individual.

Simba Product / Solution

Customized ODBC driver using SimbaEngine SDK

Key Requirements

Ability to interface with Alterian’s CBAT engine

The Challenge

Alterian required an open data access connectivity (ODBC) interface on its CBAT engine. The business objective was clear – to satisfy the needs of its customer base by allowing seamless interoperability between CBAT engine and Partner applications.

In order to meet the needs of their customers, Alterian was required to find a stable and robust connectivity solution that would allow them to connect their CBAT engine to a potential vast range of Partner applications and allow for a level of customization that would provide for better integration with these applications.

The Solution

Alterian used SimbaEngine SDK to build an ODBC Driver for their CBAT engine. Simba provided support to Alterian during all phases of development, including coding and testing. By choosing Simba, Alterian leveraged our proven technology and expertise in data connectivity to enhance their CBAT engine to meet their business objective.

The Results

Simba provided Alterian with a customized ODBC connectivity solution using SimbaEngine SDK. Optimized connectivity with Partner applications, such as SPSS’ advanced analytical technology allowed Alterian to provide a more fully integrated business intelligence solution, attaining a stronger presence in their vertical markets.