Simba Technologies' depth and understanding of data connectivity is the reason that we are able to connect our nCluster analytics platform to many BI products. Simba applied its unique expertise to build Aster Data's cartridge connecting to Analysis Services, as well as provided all the components we needed for standardized ODBC and ADO.NET connectivity. Simba's support is very responsive and their solutions are right on target. Every time we try connecting a standards-based BI tool to nCluster, the connectivity just works.

Aster Data is a market leader in data management and advanced analytics for diverse and big data, enabling the powerful combination of cost- effective storage and ultra-fast analysis of relational and non-relational data. Aster Data’s nCluster product was one of the first analytics platforms to incorporate MapReduce natively into the data warehouse, allowing for distributed processing of map and reduction operations.

Key Requirements

  • ODBC 3.52 data driver for full connectivity from Cognos, MicroStrategy, SAP BusinessObjects, Tableau and other standards-based BI tools
  • ADO.NET data provider to connect with Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Custom Analysis Services cartridge for Aster Data’s analytics platform
  • Support for multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS
  • Fast turnaround and quick go-to-market

The Challenge

Aster Data wished to improve interoperability for its nCluster analytics platform, enabling it to connect to any ODBC-based BI tool, including Cognos, MicroStrategy, SAP BusinessObjects and Tableau. However, to attain the desired connectivity and to ensure support for certain functionality within the connected products, Aster Data sought to update its data drivers to newer versions of the ODBC and ADO.NET data access standards.

Aster Data’s existing, open source ODBC driver supported the ODBC 3.0 data standard, whereas some advanced BI tool features require functionality introduced within the newer ODBC 3.8 standard. In order to attain the seamless BI connectivity that it desired, Aster Data needed a new ODBC solution. The new solution also had to support multiple platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris.

In addition to ODBC-based BI connectivity, Aster Data also wanted ADO.NET-based data connectivity with Microsoft Analysis Services. However, tight integration between Analysis Services and non- Microsoft platforms, such as Aster Data’s, requires a custom configuration cartridge containing data type mapping. Outside of Microsoft, Simba is the expert in building cartridges for Analysis Services. To attain the seamless Microsoft Analysis Services integration that it desired, Aster Data needed both a custom cartridge developed, as well as an ADO.NET data provider to enable access.

The Solution

To deliver the new ODBC solution, as well as the custom configuration cartridge and ADO.NET data provider, Aster Data turned to the experts – Simba Technologies. Simba’s SimbaEngine ODBC SDK provides 99% of the code required to build a custom ODBC 3.52 compliant data driver and an ADO.NET data provider. SimbaEngine ODBC SDK also includes components needed to build a JDBC driver and an OLE DB driver, as well as a full SQL Engine for non-SQL based data stores, if desired.

The Results

Using SimbaEngine ODBC SDK, Aster Data quickly implemented a new, fully-functioning ODBC 3.52 compliant data driver and an ADO.NET data provider. Simba, in turn, used its extensive data connectivity expertise and rare understanding of Microsoft Analysis Services to build Aster Data a custom Analysis Services configuration cartridge. Simba is the only company except Microsoft that builds custom cartridges.

Using the new, Simba-based ODBC 3.52 driver, Aster Data now has full and seamless connectivity with virtually any ODBC-enabled BI application, including Cognos, MicroStrategy, SAP BusinessObjects and Tableau. Similarly, the Simba-developed, custom cartridge and Simba-based ADO.NET data provider provides Aster Data’s nCluster analytics platform with seamless integration with Microsoft Analysis Services.

Download PDF: Aster Data Case Study