The availability of N1QL and what we're doing in this space has opened up a whole world of new partnerships and a strong NoSQL ecosystem... [Much] of that has been enabled through our technology partnership with Simba.

Couchbase develops and sells the Couchbase Server high-performance, open-source, distributed document database to F1000 enterprise customers like AT&T, Cisco, Disney, and Wells Fargo. The NoSQL database uses JSON to package and store data in a multitude of (new and old) data types.

NoSQL adoption continues to accelerate among large enterprises and Couchbase has emerged as one of the leading providers of this new technology. To serve its burgeoning community of data scientists, Couchbase recognized the need for powerful, scalable, native data-query capabilities. To meet that need, Couchbase engineers created N1QL (“nickel”), a query engine designed for distributed document-oriented databases.

Couchbase has a fast, scalable database in Couchbase Server, and a powerful query language in N1QL. But to make it easier for enterprises to bring Couchbase into their existing infrastructure Couchbase wanted to provide out-of-the-box connectivity to leading BI tools like SAP Lumira, Microsoft Excel, QlikView, or Tableau.

“Our customers are looking for fast and easy ways to connect their BI tools to Couchbase data,” says Rod Hamlin, Vice President of Business Development at Couchbase. “To make it easy for our customers to make that connection, we realized early on that we would want standards-based connectivity.”

Two Goals: Connect and Extend

Couchbase’s business objectives were twofold: Offer customers ODBC and JDBC connectivity for Couchbase Server, and extend N1QL further into the SQL world. When looking for the right partner, Couchbase identified three key evaluation criteria:

  1. Quality: Is the partner’s connector reliable, robust, fast?
  2. Co-development: Could the partner dev team engage successfully with agile Couchbase product groups?
  3. Industry Leadership: How engaged is the partner with emerging Big Data technologies?

After evaluating several vendors, Couchbase partnered with Simba Technologies to deliver ODBC and JDBC drivers for Couchbase Server.

Connecting Data, Connecting Partners

Working collaboratively with Couchbase, Simba built ODBC and JDBC drivers for Couchbase Server. The drivers offer Couchbase Server customers the ability to connect their BI tools of choice—including, Microsoft Excel, QlikView, SAP Lumira, or Tableau—to Couchbase Server, enabling quick, easy, seamless data access. With the Simba drivers’ native ANSI-92 SQL query capability, data scientists can leverage not just the speed of Couchbase Server, but the flexibility of N1QL under the hood, all while using their own SQL-query expertise to their advantage.

Couchbase’s relationship with Simba Technologies has done more than just extend the NoSQL database developer’s reach into SQL-familiar enterprises.

“Couchbase’s partnership with Simba has made it easier for our other partners to build integrations with Couchbase,” says Hamlin. “The availability of N1QL and what we’re doing in this space has opened up a whole world of new partnerships and a strong NoSQL ecosystem,” says Hamlin. “[Much] of that has been enabled through our technology partnership with Simba.”

Up Next: Extending IoT to the Enterprise

With its scalable NoSQL database architecture, Couchbase is leading the charge for mobile and “Internet-of-Things” (IoT) environments. Couchbase Lite, for instance, is a fully-functional, lightweight database built to sit locally on any device from an iPhone to a wall meter, sensor, or wearable monitor.

IoT applications must ingest high-velocity data of every type at massive scale, yet still enable users to consume those massive volumes of data easily, conveniently, and seamlessly. And that’s where Simba Technologies ODBC and JDBC connectivity (again) comes in. Hamlin envisions a common use case: Enterprises gather IOT data, merge it with existing data stores, then run meaningful analytics, comparing IOT data against customer records, and then merge that data with catalog and inventory data. In between all those disparate data stores? Ubiquitous, seamless connectivity from Simba Technologies.

Download PDF: Couchbase Case Study