Simba plays a key role in standards-based data connectivity. Simba’s standards-based development toolkits enable quick connectivity between products from multiple vendors. Microsoft is pleased to work with Simba on advancing and promoting standards-based data connectivity.

The world’s #1 software company develops and sells a variety of products used by consumers and businesses. Its core products are the ubiquitous Windows PC operating system and the Office application suite. Co-developed first standards-based ODBC Driver with Simba in 1992.

Simba Product / Solution

SimbaProvider SDK

Key Requirements

Ability to test multiple data sources in a fast and streamlined way.

The Challenge

Microsoft wished to test interoperability of its Business Intelligence (BI) tool, Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager, to ensure that it connected to other multi-dimensional data sources in addition to Microsoft Analysis Services. Testing its product with the numerous multi-dimensional data sources / providers on the market would prove time consuming. In order to efficiently test interoperability, Microsoft needed a faster, streamline solution.

The Solution

Microsoft turned to Simba Technologies to efficiently test interoperability. Simba worked with Microsoft to test Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager against Simba’s standards-based SimbaProvider SDK – the de facto toolkit used by most of the world’s Software Vendors (ISVs) and Enterprises for OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) and XML for Analysis (XMLA) data connectivity.

The Results

By successfully testing Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager with Simba’s technology, Microsoft effectively gained access to the majority of the world’s XMLA providers and data sources from multiple vendors. Similarly, the interoperability testing again reaffirmed that Simba’s customers are guaranteed that their products interoperate with other standards-based products, such as Microsoft’s.