Qubole's customers rely on connecting Big Data engines, optimized for the public cloud, with front-end BI, Visualization and home-grown applications. In order to make these connections we evaluated building vs. partnering for a critical ODBC connector. By partnering with Simba we were able to focus on our core competencies, speed up our go-to-market plans, and rest assured that we are using a superior solution thanks to the responsive and brilliant team at Simba!

Qubole is a leader in developing the next generation cloud data platform. With their unparalleled understanding of the cloud, they are addressing today’s challenges of storing and managing data to create the future. Qubole is creating a fast, easy and reliable path to turning Big Data into business insight.

SiSEN_SDKmba Product / Solution

SimbaEngine SDK 

Key Requirements

Qubole needed a solution that was proven to work with data in the cloud.

The Challenge

Qubole’s data platform is built on an optimized version of Apache Hadoop and Hive that enables users to work with structured and unstructured data all in the cloud.  Qubole hides the complexity commonly associated with storing and managing data and instead provides a fast, easy path to analysis and business insight. Qubole determined they needed a bridge between a customer’s data in the Qubole cloud and the visualization tools.

The Solution

After meeting Simba at the 2012 Hadoop Summit in San Jose, Qubole was convinced that engaging with Simba would be the ideal situation instead of attempting to build the ODBC driver themselves. With Simba’s strong reputation as the co-author of the originQubole_Simbaal ODBC specification with Microsoft and having powering all the major Hadoop distributions, Qubole felt confident in engaging with Simba.  Powered with the SimbaEngine SDK, Qubole began to build the ODBC driver to be used as the bridge they required. The easy to use SimbaEngine, allowed them to build the ODBC layer they needed to provide the powerful high performance connections Qubole platform wanted to provide their customers.

The Results

Qubole has a high performance, standards-based ODBC driver that their customers can rely on to get insights out of there data. Simba’s Big Data ODBC Driver technology will enable Qubole’s users to gain standard SQL and Hive Query Language (HiveQL) access directly to their data in Hadoop using familiar Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics applications with full functionality.

Download PDF: Qubole Case Study