Simba is a very responsive and easy to work with partner for data connectivity to RainStor’s product. Simba’s solution includes all standardized data interfaces, components and functionality in a single package with no hidden fees. We have everything we need to offer our customers easy access to their data from third-party applications. Simba also supports us on multiple platforms, and adding new platforms is easy and predictable with Simba’s upfront licensing and straight-forward pricing

Company Overview

RainStor (, @rainstor) provides the world’s most efficient database that reduces the cost, complexity and compliance risk of managing enterprise data. RainStor runs anywhere; on-premise or in the cloud and natively on Hadoop. Among RainStor’s customers are 20 of the world’s largest communications providers and 10 of the biggest banks and financial services organizations, which use RainStor to manage and analyze historical data for better business value, while saving millions.

Simba Product / Solution

SimbaEngine ODBC SDK

Key Requirements

  • Flexible licensing
  • Improved ODBC driver performance
  • Support Itanium platform
  • Support for IPv6
  • Responsive customer support

The Challenge

RainStor switched from an alternate ODBC technology to Simba’s as it offered an inclusive package of data interfaces, functionality and components within a single, flexible software license that suited their product technology plan. Simba’s solution delivered excellent performance and scalability, and supported multiple platforms that RainStor planned to add. In addition, Simba’s solution supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), which was another key feature for RainStor.

The Solution

Simba built a custom ODBC driver and JDBC driver for RainStor using SimbaEngine ODBC SDK. RainStor’s Simba-built data connectivity solution provides scalability, broad platform support and a cost effective solution for RainStor through simple, transparent pricing and flexible licensing.

The Results

RainStor’s Simba-built ODBC driver dramatically increased the number of concurrent connections in separate threads that customers made. Notably, client-server throughput and small query roundtrip processing time delivered performance well above initial expectations.

JDBC client connectivity is delivered via the client-server component that enables high-performance connectivity between java-based BI applications and RainStor. The SimbaEngine ODBC SDK-based data connectivity solution provides RainStor with the broad client and server platform support it requires. Furthermore, Simba’s predictable product roadmap and transparent licensing make it easy for RainStor to add future functionality and additional platforms as needed. IPv6 is also fully supported within RainStor’s new ODBC and JDBC drivers.

Download PDF: RainStor Case Study