Simba’s highly collaborative approach helped us achieve our enterprise milestone to release new products and features with quick turnaround. Simba’s engineers really cared about the success of our product. We wanted a good partnership and really good connectivity software and we got both.


Help R end users overcome the challenges of data access so they can seamlessly connect with any database and other disparate data sources.


Empower the community of R users by giving them better data access and connectivity tools so they can perform more innovative and important work in science and education.

The Challenge

RStudio has a mission to provide the most widely used open source and enterprise ready professional software for the R statistical computing environment. These tools further the cause of equipping data scientists, regardless of means, to participate in a global economy that increasingly rewards data literacy.

Its flagship product is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that makes it easy for anyone to analyze data with R. The R packages include Shiny and R Markdown, plus a platform for sharing interactive applications and reproducible reports with others.

To drive greater adoption with data scientists across large enterprises and to empower its users to do more with R, RStudio sought to make it easier for R users to connect to their databases and solve the challenge of data access to any data source.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation of its options, RStudio selected Simba Technologies, a Magnitude Company, for its market leading set of ODBC drivers. Through a collaborative partnership, both companies worked closely to integrate Simba drivers into RStudio’s flagship offerings, starting with its most important RStudio’s Professional Drivers, which were released in late 2017. These data connectors provide R users with a comprehensive suite of tools for accessing and analyzing data within their enterprise systems.

Simba’s engineering team provided technical assistance and engaged in best practices for the entire software implementation project including the testing, debugging and rebuilding of drivers and creating customized documentation.

Two critical factors influenced RStudio’s choice of Simba: the best software for their customers via a modern and nimble tech platform; and a trusted partner considered a good cultural fit and with whom they could communicate well.


In collaboration with Simba’s connectivity team, RStudio achieved its major milestone to better meet the needs of large enterprises with the release of its Professional Drivers. Customers are benefiting from the convenience, consistency and coverage these drivers offer.

Since their release, these new connectivity capabilities have garnered significant positive feedback from the R community for solving an important need. Previously, there was little standardization around the connectivity between R and data sources. Now data scientists can easily connect to any data source using RStudio.

RStudio looks forward to expanding its partnership with Simba and will be adding more drivers and supporting additional platforms – giving customers access to a broader set of standards-based, supported data connectors that are easy to install and work with.

Download PDF: RStudio Customer Success