Simba’s data connectivity expertise and technology made it possible for Teradata to provide direct Microsoft Excel PivotTables access to the Teradata database. Teradata customers can now use popular and familiar OLAP-based applications, like Excel PivotTables, to directly access a single view of their data in real-time within a ROLAP environment. The Simba solution delivers full and high performing capabilities meeting the robust enterprise requirements of our customers.

Company Overview

Teradata Corporation is the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics. They continue to be on the forefront of the data warehousing marketplace, redefining and extending the possibilities of this rapidly evolving field.

Simba Product / Solution

Custom ROLAP/MDX Provider for Teradata

Key Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel PivotTable connectivity/OLAP-based BI application connectivity
  • Direct data connectivity leveraging performance, features and functionality of Teradata Aggregate Join Indexes (AJIs)

The Challenge

Teradata OLAP ConnectorTeradata wanted to offer direct Microsoft Excel PivotTable and PivotChart connectivity to its Teradata database customers which rely on an OLAP based data connection using the MDX query language. An a open standards-based ROLAP data provider would also allow Teradata to support additional OLAP-based BI applications, providing its customers with access to an entirely new class of application for querying, analyzing and reporting on data. The key for interoperability was the use of the MDX query language, which is the standard OLAP query language used by companies such as  Microsoft, Oracle and SAP BusinessObjects. Teradata’s ROLAP solution would need to meet Teradata’s incredibly high performance standard as well as been extremely scalable and leverage database optimizations such as use of Aggregate Join Indexes (AJIs), to deliver performance in-line with Teradata’s renowned database solution.

The Solution

Simba built a custom MDX / ROLAP solution for Teradata leveraging the specialized performance, functionality and scalability that make Teradata a data warehousing leader. Simba provided a thin data connectivity solution that seamlessly integrates into the Teradata database – easily manageable and fully optimized – for direct connectivity from applications like Microsoft Excel BI to Teradata data.

The Results

The solution makes optimal use of Teradata’s powerful in-database analytics, data aggregations and calculations, and scalability to deliver versatile and potent multi-dimensional functionality and data connectivity to Teradata’s customers. Direct, native Excel connectivity to the Teradata database means that customers do not need to use a mid-tier server to gain access from Excel PivotTables providing hot connectivity, optimal performance and one version of truth reporting. The solution uses Teradata’s security for user authentication and authorization. It’s also completely scalable.