Our customers choose the Vertica Analytics Platform because it’s the best platform available for big data analytics.
In order for our customers to get the most out of their analytics program, we needed to provide the best data connectivity to load data at the speed and scale needed by Vertica. We chose Simba.
Simba delivered new, high-capacity ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET data drivers so our customers can monetize ALL their data in real-time, offering a significant competitive advantage.

Vertica, a Micro Focus Company, is a leading provider of next generation analytics platforms that enable companies to monetize their data at the speed and scale necessary to deliver significant value to customers and shareholders. Vertica’s scalability and flexibility are unmatched in industry, delivering 50 to 1000 times faster performance at 30% the cost of traditional solutions. Vertica’s customers include Groupon, Zynga, Verizon, Guess and Comcast.

The Vertica Analytics Platform analyzes data on a massive scale, with several of Vertica’s customers analyzing more than a petabyte of data in real-time.

To enable ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET based data connectivity from various front-end applications to the Vertica Analytics Platform, Vertica developed its own data drivers. These data drivers – connecting many popular analytics applications such as Microsoft Excel and SAP Crystal Solutions via open data standards to the Vertica platform – were based on an open source development platform and were approaching Vertica’s planned end-of-life. The drivers had been developed and extended by Vertica in-house over many years.

Vertica wished to provide its customers with a new set of data drivers with expanded platform support for connectivity to the Vertica Analytics Platform.

Robust Data Connectivity for Big Data Needs

Vertica’s customers demand performance from their systems for big data analytics, and Vertica’s platform delivers. Vertica needed new data drivers capable of matching the performance of its analytics platform with the ability to perform bulk loads at blazingly fast speeds. In addition, it was critically important to Vertica that its investment in the new drivers provide an immediate and lasting return. Vertica wanted a solution that would provide low total-cost-of- ownership and easy maintenance as data standards naturally evolved and the industry advanced. Vertica also wanted its new data drivers delivered relatively quickly to meet its internal targets.

To replace its existing data drivers, Vertica had two choices: build new drivers again in-house, or use an industry-standard data driver Software Development Kit (SDK).

While building the data drivers in-house would provide Vertica with the ultimate level of control over the project, it would also distract from Vertica’s core business. In addition, basing new drivers on an open source development platform would put Vertica at risk of having to reveal their enhancements to competitors because of caveats within the open source licensing model. Furthermore, Vertica’s in-house team would also need to learn the intricacies of data standards, adding considerable ramp time, and saddling them with the burden of maintaining their knowledge and the drivers for the solution’s entire life-cycle. Building the new drivers in-house from scratch would be risky, addingtime and cost to the development process.

However, using an industry-standard SDK would provide Vertica’s team with all the components they would need to implement the ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET data connectivity Vertica desired. All three data drivers could be implemented at once, and the burden to keep pace with the latest data standard and industry advancements would be shifted to the SDK vendor. Using a SDK
would deliver Vertica’s new data drivers quickly, ensure the utmost data standard compliance and industry interoperability, and enable it to focus on building and improving its core analytics platform rather than being side-tracked with external data connectivity.

Vertica determined that the SDK-based solution would be the fastest and most cost-effective solution to implement its new database drivers.

Big Data Analytics Requires a Big Data Pipe

Vertica chose to consolidate and rebuild its data drivers using SimbaEngine SDK. SimbaEngine SDK is the industry’s leading ODBC SDK, JDBC SDK, OLE DB SDK and ADO.NET SDK rolled into a single, easy-to-use data connectivity toolkit. SimbaEngine SDK provides 99% of the code required to quickly build fully standards-compliant ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB and ADO.NET data drivers/providers on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS. It also includes a full SQL Engine for non-SQL based data stores, if needed. All components are included at a single cost.

Using SimbaEngine SDK, Vertica was able to quickly implement the new, high- performance ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET data connectivity with the extended platform support that it desired. SimbaEngine SDK’s simple framework enabled Vertica to first complete its new ODBC driver and then reuse most of the code to quickly implement both the JDBC driver and
the ADO.NET provider across the platforms it required. In essence, all three data interfaces were implemented easily at once – suited for the end customer’s chosen environment.

Simba’s proven industry reputation for providing expert customer support and its transparent, continued investment into its technologies and products factored heavily in Vertica’s choice of SimbaEngine SDK. Not only did Vertica feel assured that Simba would provide responsive, expert support for the life of its new data drivers, Simba was equipped and willing to help Vertica implement the drivers to meet Vertica’s aggressive ship schedule.

Simba’s product engineers assisted Vertica in mapping specialized functions from the Vertica Analytics Platform to the new data drivers for optimal analytics performance. With Simba’s assistance, Vertica was able to rapidly develop the data drivers and progress to testing. SimbaEngine SDK’s industry-leading data driver test suite, which is included, proved to be of immeasurable benefit to Vertica. Using the test suite, Vertica was able to run full sets of very comprehensive tests to ensure proper driver function and interoperability, which again sped Vertica’s time to market and presented a solid guarantee that Vertica’s
customers would receive a quality product.

Vertica’s new ODBC driver, JDBC driver and ADO.NET provider were delivered on-time to meet Vertica’s aggressive ship schedule. By choosing Simba, Vertica is assured that its new data drivers will provide lasting benefits, require less maintenance and ongoing investment, and deliver big data analytics connectivity for its customers as standards evolve and markets change.