Simba offers data Access and Analytics solutions that connect your application to the data source of choice.

excelEXCEL, XLS…

Everyones favorite BI reporting tool.

Simba provides real time connectivity from any data source to Excel, allowing you to avoid having to export via CSV’s and make you considerablly more productive.

Expose your data to Excel via our ODBC drivers and MDX providers for the most robust connection in the market today!

What is your Application Story?

for_applicationsSure, you may have a blazing fast storage engine that can compute analytics across millions or billions of rows and an advanced front-end that can build visualizations that amaze. But what happens when customers want to use the tools that they’re used to, such as Excel, Tableau, Cognos and others?
You could…

  • First, convince the vendor that it’s worth their while to help you
  • Then try to work with each application vendor to create a custom solution for connecting to your data source — but that’s expensive and time intensive
  • You would then need to do the same for all the many smaller applications and internal business applications that are out there

OR you could just call Simba!

Simba solutions work with any application that supports these APIs, no extra work required. You’ll gain broad compatibility with minimum effort and cost. Contact us to see how we can connect you to your data!

Cloud Applications cloud_applications

Simba connectors and SDK’s are designed to support Cloud Applications like Salesforce. This flexible and powerful tool allows you to easily connect to and work with live data from Salesforce directly from Microsoft Excel or other BI Tools.

Find out more about our Salesforce driver here or if you want to connect to Workday, Successfactors or other Cloud solutions, call us to solve your connection issues.

Are you an Enterprise connecting an internal application to a new Big Data source?

What you’ve already heard about is:

  • NoSQL and the advantages of data sources such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, BigQuery, and HBase which allow comprehensive analytics, improved reliability and uptime, and vastly improved scalability over other data sources.

What you haven’t heard is how to get data out of these systems!!
Contact Simba and we can work with you to reduce your Big Data cost, increase functionality, improve reliability and allow your employees to access the power of these systems without the need for new training.

Are you a Software Vendor (ISV) that has developed a killer application on one data source, but your customers want more?

Simba has the tools to connect to virtually any data source, from relational to multi-dimensional, ODBC to ODBO.

We’re the market leaders in multi-dimensional technology, and our MDX capability powers more than 50% of the data sources that are used for OLAP. Call us today and we can show you how!

Need to access any data, anytime, anywhere?

Simba has capabilities to connect to many of today’s mobile applications that connect behind the scenes. Ask us how, contact us today.