Big Data has a BIG problem!

The problem is that volumes upon volumes of unstructured data that cannot easily be accessed by traditional enterprise applications. The challenges include being able to access, analyze and visualize the data for real time action and insight.

Because many of the Big Data solutions have a NoSQL mantra, it does not have readable format or schema that can be read by legacy applications. However the tides are now shifting to the “SQLization of noSQL” requiring all Big Data vendors to have a SQL support story.

The key language allowing connectivity from SQL based sources to many applications is ODBC and JDBC and this is Simba’s core area of expertise. Connecting via ODBC and JDBC represents about 80-90% of the applications connectivity requirements for things like Excel, Tableau and other reporting tools or legacy applications.

Before Simba’s focus on Big Data, users and vendors experimented with open source ODBC and JDBC drivers that were substandard and not based on the complete Standard ODBC and JDBC API Stacks.  This was cumbersome and costly, delivered poor performance and produced stale information.

Other ways to enable direct BI connectivity to Big Data can also be considered, however they are typically costly to implement, are not core to their key value proposition, and are generally considered an afterthought.  A number of software application vendors have also gone down the path to hard coding BI access to Big Data into their products – a costly and high-maintenance undertaking – only to produce limited accessibility and analytics functionality. In addition, this also limits their use to one architecture and nullifies a main benefit of Big Data and its hybrid and flexible model.

How to take the Big Problem out of Big Data?

BigData-300x225Access and Analytics on Any Data, Anywhere, Any Time is Simba’s mantra. Simba’s solutions are the catalyst for better Big Data integration into the mainstream data environments for fast, accurate and actionable business intelligence or real time analytics.

Simba’s Big Data Connectivity Suite:

  • Provides enabling technology that allows users to connect any application to directly access and analyze their Big Data environment.
  • Revolutionized data access and analytics by directly opening up the world of Big Data to a user’s BI tool of choice. Direct access to Big Data saves users time and money and high-performance BI access.
  • Removes market barriers for BI vendors – giving BI application vendors the opportunity to sell SQL-based tools into the Big Data market, and Hadoop/MongoDB/Cassandra/Impala distribution/database vendors the means to generate wider customer appeal with better BI connectivity.
  • Sophisticated set of Ready to Use drivers, and SDKs that quickly implement and enable direct connectivity for actionable BI and strategic analytics.
  • Simba’s ODBC and JDBC drivers makes the capabilities of Big Data simpler to use, more affordable, more dependable, and significantly easier to integrate into existing BI and data environments – broadening the scope of how and where Big Data can be used.

Simba’s solutions are ODBC 3.52 and JDBC 4.0 compliant data drivers, which are purpose-built and performance-optimized for Big Data distributions. Like other computer drivers, it’s a simple install. Our drivers enable users to use existing SQL-based BI applications to access, analyze and report on Hadoop, MongoDB, Google Big Query, HBase, Hive, Impala or Cassandra type data. As these systems are not natively SQL-capable; and many use their own Query Languages, Simba’s driver performs the added task of mapping advanced SQL functionality to the Query Language of choice to provide users with a seamless bridge between their favored BI application and their data. Watch our drivers in action to connect Big Data Hadoop to Tableau and Excel in our Big Data Webinar series.

Key Benefits

Simba’s Big Data drivers are based on our SimbaEngine SDK, which has a powerful SQL engine built in, so while other open source solutions give some elements of connectivity, no one on the market has the depth of SQL support that Simba provides.

Simba’s product is the only direct, universal data access solution that works. It delivers full application functionality, lightning fast data loading and real-time analytic capabilities to users.

We offer solutions for:

Simba is also very active in the Big Data ecosystem, participating actively in many of the working groups on Hive, HBase, Drill and other Apache projects as well as working with many of our customers on their various projects in Big Data.

Call Simba today for all your Big Data Connectivity problems, we are the experts!